Technical Information

Colour Sorters are machines that are used on the production lines in bulk food processing and other industries. They separate items by their colors, detecting the colors of things that pass before them, and using pneumatic ejection devices to divert items whose colors do not fall within acceptable (or fall within rejectable) color ranges.

Color sorters are used for color sorting harvested foodstuffs, such as coffee, Cashew Nuts, Kernels, Dry Grapes, Ground nuts, Peppers, Fenugreek, Dals, Rice and other cereals like wheat or rye and pulses. The goal is the separation of items that are discolored or still with hull after dehulling. Modernization increased a lot in recent years with the use of new technologies and so many food stuff can be sorted.

Accurate Sorting Technology

Color sorters are integrated with high end Optics with precision electronics that combines embedded system with Digital Processing Technique perfectly. Color sorting is a solution for separating unwanted contamination and foreign material from good material based on Colour and type.

Color sorting depends upon the principle of differentiating the color of foreign material from the good one by using Black White CCD Camera, Advanced colour CCD camera ,Photo diodes, RGB sensors, Line scan sensors or High Resolution Digital Colour Cameras which use image capturing process to find colour variation in colour cameras or  with photo diodes/ CCD cameras based on grey scale principle to check these unwanted / discoloured or defected grains.  The defects are removed at high speeds of even 10 T/H successfully without any human interface required.

The final Result is Uniform , Single Color Product which adds value to any brand or food value of grains.

VETERANS has been manufacturing and supplying Color Sorters for sorting Grains, cereals, pulses, seeds, nuts and even plastics and other commodities of similar nature.

Systems Involved In Electronic Colour Sorter

The Feeder System

The product to be sorted is fed to the Hopper located at the top of the machine by means of a Bucket Elevator or through an overhead Silo or by manually for small quantities.

The flow rate of the product is maintained by means of a digitally controlled Vibratory feeder fitted with SS trays which is placed below the hopper.

Machine Platform

The main frame of the machine is fabricated from painted mild steel and allows easy access to all functions and enables circuit boards to be plugged in. The frame design restricts the collection of dust and debris and all parts are flush fitting thereby improving sanitation.

The Ejector Air Jet System

The air ejector valve system comprise of high-end solenoid valves that can fire at an interval of 2 milliseconds and the air pressure is adjustable from 3 to 4.5 Bar. The Control system controls the ejector overlap and over blast as well as scans the ejector operations for any failure which is indicated on the vacuum florescent display on the front panel of the machine.

The Auto Cleaning System

In order to ensure that there is no drop in efficiency during the operating cycle of the sorter there is Wiper Blade Cleaning system using Pneumatic operated Rodles cylinders which cleans the dust off the glass curtain in the optical chamber thereby providing a clean viewing area for the optical setup. The duration of the air blast as well as the interval between air blasts is user set.

The User Interface

The user interface is the complete front fascia of the Front Panel which has a feather touch menu guided operation which is displayed on LCD Display.

Operator controls are for the sake of simplicity are confined to two settings, one for vibrator feed rate and sensitivity respectively.

The machine is provided with an air gun that enables the operator to direct a blast of air all over the machine to blow off dust. This device is a high quality product having fine aesthetic looks and functional efficiency.

Description of the Sorting Process

The product that is fed to the Hard anodized Aluminum Chute with different channels by the electromagnetic vibratory feeders slides down the raw material and is streamlined in the flow path of the Chute when it is delivered into the optical chamber where it is illuminated by means of FLR lamps.

The product passing through the optical chamber is scanned by the Optical Cameras/Sensors located at Front/back side there by providing both side viewing of the product.

The resultant signals developed are processed by the Microcontroller and the defective product is identified and ejected out of its path by means of super fast pneumatic ejectors.

The pneumatic ejectors are fed with compressed and filtered air which is maintained at a constant regulated pressure by the Filter Regulator Assembly.

The defective product that is rejected from the stream of material is collected separately at the bottom of the outlet and the clean product passes through the exit tubes and is collected in the front of the machine.

The quality of accept and reject product is controlled by changing the sensitivity levels of the machine using the Control Panel on the front fascia of the machine.

Accessories Need for Colour Sorters

AIR COMPRESSOR [Screw or Reciprocating Type] with required Pressure or CFM capacity

Air Driers which suits to the Air compressor [1HP=3.5 CFM]

Earth Points which Phase to Ground voltage should be Below 2Volts.

Single Phase power Supply for colour sorting machine[ 230VAC]

Three phase power supply for Air compressors and Air Driers and Elevators[440VAC]